In between (entry IX)

          Impatience,  calm down

          Wake  Fury to create.

          Fears,  walk away .

                                                       Within the realms of time

                                                       Flow, be brave.

         Courage,  cuddle me

         Embrace  Strength .

         Confidence, nurture inner self.

                                                          Within the realms of time

                                                          Flow, keep pace.

       (  In between

        let the gods decide ) 

                                                                                                                                                                                                 For   CrisC

(Written by coeliquore)


7 Respuestas a “In between (entry IX)

  1. Uff…, siempre tendré pendiente esta asignatura. “Flow, relax and wait”…, pues no parece mala filosofía. Gracias por la dedicatoria, Coeliq.

    • Sí,aquí es una buena filosofía.En el tiempo de espera,en el entretanto,por fin decide dejarse llevar,fluir: escucha a otros que,sabiamente ,le aconsejan.Intenta calmar su impaciencia y apaciguar los miedos.Y pide ayuda también a su fuerza y animosidad,e incluso a la furia que,bien canalizada,es creativa.
      En cuanto al inglés, nunca digas nunca jamás…
      Pd: de nada.Me ha encantado dedicarte esta entrada.

  2. Howdy!!!,
    Where I am from, we are also bilingual.That´s why I found your section “Spanish-English and English-Spanish” so funny hahaha.
    I like the short stories you write,some are beyond impressive.
    Your poems in “Diary of an illness” remind me of Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton,so intimate.
    For you,”The black art”, by Sexton:
    “A woman who writes feel too much,
    those trances and portents!
    As if cycles and children and islands
    weren´t enough; as if mourners and gossips
    and vegetables were never enough.
    She thinks she can warn the stars.
    A writer is essentially a spy.”
    Good luck with your blog!!!

    • Ooooo,thanks for the compliments!!!!.I don´t think I deserve them.
      Yes, I know the poem: you only wrote the beginning.It finishes talking about a man writer:
      With used furniture he makes a tree.
      A writer is essentially a crook.
      Dear love,you are that man.”

      Ps.: By the way , where are you from?

  3. Hello: I knew all the process that you write. I like soo much change the illness in poetry. when I felt very near the illness I wrote, painted and did so many photografies. I turn like ever my creation and I arrive to visual poetry. You could find some works in

    I meditated about pain and appears one art work “el dolor” and this work take away part of pain.
    Me gusta lo que escribes, el dar nombre exacto a las palabras y mostrarlas con una forma casi caligráfica, creo que es un acierto. Ánimo.

  4. He entrado a ver tu trabajo ,te he hecho un comentario breve.Me ha encantado,de verdad,esa síntesis y esa expresividad.Si tienes más páginas, o libros,dímelo y los leeré.
    Escribir ahora me está resultando altamente terapéutico.Lo único, quizás,que cargue a los demás,por lo monotemático.Me permite distanciarme y expresar lo que siento a la vez.
    Gracias por los ánimos.

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