What´s in a name?

       A    Jewel  in  a  case

      An   Apple   a  day   

      A     Candle  to  light  the  night , and the day  

      A      Quest

     An    Umbrella   to   protect 

     A   bit   of   Earth  to  keep  under   the wings

     A   pair  of  edible  Lips

     A    lot   of    Imagination                                                            

     A   sense  of   Nature

      The   Emerald   inside   the  case.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               (Illustration by Jeremy Moncheaux)

     For  the  sweetest child, the one who never grows: the inner one


5 Respuestas a “What´s in a name?

  1. I like this poem. It is dedicated to the inner child, and it looks like written by a little girl too.
    I love the list of things you have chosen , and the French name of the child.I also like the use of the indefinite article at the beginning.And the two definite at the end.

  2. Do not know if I dare to make comments in English.”cowards not made the world” so I dare:I struggled a little effort to traslate (with help google traslate).I love illustration and vertical reading your n….sorry for my errors.Thanks for your corrections teacher.xxxxxxx.

  3. It is well written because you can communicate the idea.

    Here you are some corrections:
    -I didn´t know if I should dare making comments in English.
    -Cowards don´t make the world.
    -I have been struggling and making efforts to translate.
    -with the help of the Google translator.

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