Everlasting love

Being a doctor and an atheist, he couldn´t believe in the afterlife.
One evening, in hospital, he saw his wife standing at the door. His heart skipped a bit. He phoned home. Nobody answered.
His wife, the love of his life, who had died an hour before, didn´t want to leave him without saying good-bye.

© Coeliquore


2 Respuestas a “Everlasting love

  1. Goshdarnit!!!!!!!!!!!,
    such a long time without being here and u have written loads. And only one tale in English. You know, I bought a massive dictionary and I am taking Spanish lessons. Anyway it is far too difficult for me.
    By the way, is this a translation of your story called “Luz”? I think so. Just you omitted some words and reduced it to a “55” story, didn´t you? Well done!!!!

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